His Eyes Captured

This poem is written by Clarissa D’Lima (BA. LLB. Class of 2021)

A dedication to all photography enthusiasts

The smile of the child in her tears, the smile of the last goodbye amidst the sorrow of parting,

He adjusted the focus right and got the curve copied clear

Decoding the beauty obscured by the common stigma,

Looking beyond the fictitious charm, spotting the lost enigma

His was the ability to find the joy of victory in the trembles of fear.


While all hurdled to spot the shooting star, he stood apart to bring out a story of the hiding moon,

While all cupped their hand on their foreheads to see sunset

He waited indifferently till the dusk and hues of the day met.

While all stopped to see the peacock flaunt its glory,

He stopped to shoot the little creature in the mud, working in its self-made winery.


With his only instrument that could in silence record volumes

He mastered its use to chase those moments which could make eternal memories

And trained himself to imprison the mystery of the galaxies.

And then on, his eyes captured the sights that emotions could not spell

His eyes captured the emotions that words would shy to tell.

His eyes captured the lost rebel that before the uprising was made to quell.


The City which made me who I am


This photograph is submitted by Abhishek Bissa (BA.LL.B. Class of 2020)


I came to Mumbai wanting to be a lawyer.

But, photography happened.

Since then, this city has motivated me to click more, explore more, be more.


Chand ka photoo


This photograph is submitted by Niti Vyas (BA.LL.B. Class of 2019)


“You’re like the moon to my very dark sky.”

Firstly, slightly racist (or not, the usage of this word is so wrong in most of the cases that it hurts me, but we’ll talk about that later.)

Secondly, grow some goddamn stars. (okay, sorry geez)

Thirdly, no, a moon does nothing, it just stands there still but still, it’s the only thing we notice in the whole damn sky, much so as NMIMS in our lives. even though college is supposed to be only a fragment of my entirely (fictional) exciting life it has become my whole life and I can’t escape it for 5 years and in so much that most of my conversations go like this:

Brother: Hey Bro, what’s up? let’s hangout?

Moi:  Ya sure, let’s finish studying five other acts and then, LOOK FOR CASE LAWS ON MANUPATRA!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!! such fun! Much wow!

and thus with an completely unrelated caption, please enjoy the moon picture.