Persona non grata

This article is submitted by Debashish Dumbre (BBA. LL.B. Class of 2020) 


One would think the college wants us dead inside if we didn’t know better. They took away those nice single seater desk/chairs we had in our first year, we didn’t say anything. They added an hour of classes and an extra subject to our daily schedule, we stayed silent. They had those amazingly efficient video presentations back in our second trimester, we accepted that because college hi toh maalik hai. But today, NMIMS School of Law threatened to take away the most sacred of institutions away from us. They threatened to take our Sunday away from us.

This exceedingly arrogant pronouncement by the School of Law not only treads upon the patience of us students, but it worryingly undermines the work that has been put into the NMCC event as a whole. Having to resort to the threat of attendance, which will undoubtedly be effective (getting debarred sucks), screams to the students that the administration lacks faith in the event. The work that the students have put in for the event has been amazing, and the NMCC is bound to be a success. But, a move like this breeds nothing but contempt and spite against the forced participation asked of us. How would you feel if in some dystopian future, the government forced you to partake in its countless endeavors? What if the Supreme Court forced you to stand up to the National anthem before every movie? (OOOOOOOH SNAP)
SOL students go through a lot. That constant paranoia of maintaining a steady GPA, keeping up with your amazingly talented peers, and keeping your attendance figures afloat is a monumental task for some. In the end, this isn’t about taking up our Sunday (it actually is), its about the administration realizing that its whims and fancies are mutually exclusive to its obligations.

Maybe, just maybe, we really do not know any better.

I hope they don’t expel me for this. I have a family to feed.


#HootForMoot #NMCC_2K17 : The hollow charade of threats

This article is submitted anonymously.
The shameless scare tactics employed to fill an auditorium resonate only hollowness if students are forced to sit in all day only to be eye candy for few photographs. It is a pointless charade that reduces adult human beings to mere objects for gratification.
Please note, this has nothing to do with the fact that students are being intimidated to attend on a Sunday. The very idea of intimidating students is an horrid one on any given day of any month. I do not appreciate being threatened with attendance every second day in Law School.
I was going to attend the Final Round simply because the spectacle of averments amuse me. However, I no longer wish to do so, as a sign of protest against the fact SVKM’s NMIMS School of Law National Moot Court Competition 2017 (NMCC) chose threats before appealing to my innate sensibilities.
They chose threats rather than telling me about razor sharp judges ripping through argument. Or the appeal of seeing participants from around the country finding their way through multifaceted tax laws. Or simply a request to help out my colleagues in the Organizing Committee.

It is sad.

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Unapologetically Correct: Fourth Year at NMIMS School of Law


This article is submitted by Lakshmi Srinivasan (BA.LL.B. Class of 2018) 

Hey, will your batch mates come?‘ ‘Why are the fourth years so lax?‘ Ever since I have met my juniors, they have been pestering me or some of my brethren with these questions (God Save us from these!). Not that these questions are annoying (to be honest, they are) but it sure puts me in an expression that I can’t explain. If someone says that women and engineering syllabus are complex, I would laugh at them. Because nothing can beat the complexity of these emotions (all felt at once damn!), the ones actors can get a….. National Award for [Oscars are overrated when they took so many years to reward Leo ] It is a discomfort – nostalgia – pain face after which I go into the grandma mode and say, ‘Tum kya jaano…‘ Hence in this segment, I choose to explain the sentiments of the fourth year students in our college.

For starters, we are 57 students in toto. Many juniors expressed their doubts on our strength, so yes, it is literally half of what we started with (yes, we had that day too when we couldn’t count our strength in our fingers, so you can stop judging us!) But I guess this is depressing enough for us to not get involved with this college anymore.

Secondly, we were given an orientation that told us to kiss goodbye to social life and do tapasya (for five freaking years). Though I personally admire the idea, we have implemented it in terms of our connect with the college. (Ha! Did you seriously think we would let go of our social life?)

If someone not a fourth year says, “I have lost faith in this college” and participates in all events that our college holds, they are kidding themselves. It’s because the fourth years have actually nothing to do with the college and would not come here if it were not for the credits or attendance. It is non-cooperation in its most concentrated sense that would put even Gandhiji to shame! Hence, you would see most of us in class (talking) or scrambling for books in the library on the first day of the trimester (our great college allows limited copies).

Books, reminds me of our condition in the first, second and third year. The other junior batches get their books and papers already and don’t have to work hard for it. Let me give you our perspective. “BOOKS” are those wonderful gems kept in limited edition in a treasure chest called the “LIBRARY”. These things throw light around them, give hope to us that someday I would have them outside the reference section, someday I would have them with me, that someday I would not have to collect coins on ‘Temple Run’ (pocket money) and unlock Books as a powerup , that someday I wilt maketh thee mine own.

Our priorities include coming to college at 8.10, before that fateful register is cruelly given away to the peon before we can negotiate, sitting in the lecture and trying not to sleep (that’s mostly me), wait for the clock to tick 12.40, and leave by the next rickshaw, metro or train.

We are involved in a lot of serious things like research Centres, placements, studies (fourth year does strike like a bolt of lightning on your head, try it!), thinking about how to procrastinate in the next class in the washroom without the faculty noticing or getting offended by it or how to pass the trimester end exams without going mad about not feeling like studying five days before the exams (this is gibberish for ‘We Don’t care’ or ‘Too lazy to bother’).

Thirdly, we like being the audience. If something good happens in college, we ‘strongly consider’ coming to it (‘Strongly Consider’ is like 4 point GPA in our ranks of priorities). Hence, pestering us for participation is to be done under expert supervision, not to be tried at home.

Above all, the reason we are like this (not that we need to justify ourselves)  is the fact that you have not been in the Academic Year 2013-2014, and saw us losing our hope in this college (something about being guinea pigs for the brilliant experiments and ideals of the college). Now we are at that stage of ‘I don’t give a damn’, wherein even comments about our laxity go unnoticed in the quiet corridors of the isolated 6th Floor.

Disclaimer: The views of the author are personal. None of the elements of the article attempt to demean or defame anybody who is or was associated with the college.

PS: If after reading this passage, you are still unclear about why the fourth years are like this, then you have to be the opposite of Einstein’s brain. If you need the gossip about what happened exactly all those years ago, pester the fourth years you know or hold your silence forever (kyunki kuch raaz ko raaz hi rehne do bachchon!) 

Have a great day! Cheers!

Editorial Note: Fourth years = Class of 2018