Nothing Doiing!


This poem is written by Akshay Nandakumar (BBA. LL.B. Class of 2020)

Tribute to Shrikant Aithal.

In a candid talk with Srikant Sir in his cabin on the last working day for the year it came to my knowledge that Mr Shrikant would be completing his Golden Jubilee on the 30th of December. It was this moment when I decided to dedicate a poem for Shrikant Sir. Writing about such a larger than life persona I came across certain creative difficulties. I solicited help from my eccentric cum creative cum like-minded friend Devarsh Shah who went on the write the prelude to my poem. This poem is a tribute to Shrikant Aithal which more or less sums up his personality, his achievements as a teacher and a mentor.  Happy 50th Birthday Shrikant Aithal.

He walked in and our minds were never the same
He walked in with  knowledge on case laws that put Manupatra to shame
You might mistake him for Google, but Srikant Aithal is his name

Right from law to policy to particle physics to information that leave you stunned
Our Shriku knows everything and anything under the sun

I’d wouldn’t do him justice by saying he’s skilled
For his wit is unmatched and his knowledge unparalleled

When others admonish us we may shun them with disrespect
But when we receive them from Mr. Aithal, we judiciously listen and gracefully accept

We consider ourselves extremely blessed and fortunate
To have witnessed and experienced his intellect

On our lives, a lot of people in our lives have had an effect
But Mr. Srikant Aithal is out of all the chosen few, who no matter what we pursue

We would always unabashedly genuflect

To the person who makes interesting a subject that seems dull
To the person that impossibly transplants information into our thick skull
To the person who seems unrealistically infallible
Here’s to the one and only, Srikant Aithal!


Mann Ka Satire


This poem is written by Akshay Nandakumar (BBA.LL.B. Class of 2020)


The following poem is my interpretation of how demonetization has affected our lives and our nation and how I perceive this catch 22 situation.


To all of you who got Mitrooed like myself.


I used to ask my dad for a 500 rupee note he would happily give me one or two

Now when I ask him, he starts looking for his shoe

When the question raises

Of whether or not you approve this move

With the nation confused

Half of them saying I don’t and the other half saying I do

Forecasting the future some are painting the town red

Yet disdainfully according to others “In the future we are all dead”

Frankly speaking I don’t really have any clue

There is really nothing much we can all do

Save to adjust ourselves to this untitled Waterloo

Until then sadly some might have to stand in queue

Waiting for a miracle that would put the entire nation in the right groove…