If you’re interested in writing anything for Le Monde de Kulcha or have something already written, please do send it to us at


  1. Email us your content at for publication. Please include [New Submission] in the subject of your email.
  2. Please do not exceed 1000 words. If you do exceed, it better be worth it.
  3. Images and gifs are allowed in your post. However, they must be uploaded on Imgur or Gfycat only. Do not fill your post with just memes and reactions, try Buzzfeed instead. But, try to include one image with your post.
  4. By default, all author names would be published. You can request anonymity and we would honor the same no questions asked. If you are extra paranoid, use a throwaway email for more anonymity.
  5. Content must be in English or Hindi. Hindi posts must be in Latin script as Devanagari is not permitted for technical reasons. We may allow posts in other languages (also in Latin script) if they are worthy.
  6. Please proofread. Grammatically incorrect posts or content lyk dis will be dismissed outright.
  7. We will publish pretty must everything we receive, however, discretion of editorial team will be final and binding.

Some things you should keep in mind:

  1. You need not be nice. You need not self-censor. But please make coherent and comprehensive posts.
  2. Occasional use of abuses and profanities is fucking okay. But, only abuses are not.
  3. This is not a confession page. If you are pursuing some vendetta against one particular person, please do not bother.
  4. Content must be related to the college or student life or things incidental to those.
  5. Any attempt at doxxing someone (where the person doesn’t consent, obviously) will not be appreciated.


We also welcome letters to the editorial team at Please include [New Letter] in the subject when sending them. The letters and our responses will be published.