Le Monde de Kulcha is a platform for your free flowing uncensored thoughts and grievance and observations at NMIMS School of Law. We want to smash through taboos, initiate dialogue and push boundaries. We hope to raise the bar, and question the living shit out of it.

Right now, Kulcha is managed by Jaidhara Shah and Suyash Sarvankar, both in BA.LL.B. Class of 2020. Do not pester us. We know the dark art of punching people.

PS: Before you ask what we were smoking when we came up with Le Monde de Kulcha, you must understand Suyash happens to be a fan of the cheese kulcha downstairs.

Disclaimer: All views shared on Le Monde de Kulcha belong to the respective authors. They do not represent the views of managing team and should not be construed as an endorsement in any manner whatsoever. 

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