Airbus on Tracks


This poem is written by Clarissa D’Lima (BA. LLB. Class of 2021)


Lost in sleep I know not where I drift,

Amid noise I find the silence lull and sweet.

How privileged to get these moments deep,

That makes me feel like I am riding on an airbus running on tracks, taking its leap.


The last night was cold and long,

Not physical, but mentally I won’t be wrong.

The same obsession with submissions,

The same eyes that craved to sleep.

But deadlines forced them to stay

To absorb the screen light and the darkness obey.


So, the next morning the train journey was used,

To let the eyes have their share.

To shut close in the new morning bright.

And lose themselves in slumber as on flight.

The sounds unwanted was lost in the daze.

I know not on what I ride, an engine or the cloud light.


Comfort came not from the pleasure of knowing the price tag.

It came in disguise and relieved my lag.

Sound sleep did not need a fluffy pillow.

It came just when the eyes shut to the mellow.


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